Umdlezane Parent Infant Programme

This programme focuses on the First 1000 Days, the period form conception to 2 years.  Interventions include the Ububele Baby Mat Service, The Ububele Home Visiting Project, Newborn Behavioural Interventions and Newborn Consultations, as well as parent-infant psychotherapy. Training courses are aimed at psychology professionals or community-based caregivers working with parents and their infants. 

Early Childhood Development Programme

This programme focuses on the 3 - 7 year-old child.  The Ububele Preschool is a model for holistic development and a training site for our psychology interns. Interventions also include persona doll and other groups for children run by our staff and interns. Training courses  for caregivers include Thinking about the Early Child, and Personal Doll Training. 

Group Programme

Since 2006 Ububele has run transformative Working with Groups (WWG)courses for people whose work entails being a group member or leader. The courses are experiential, theoretical and practical. They are unique in that individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, occupations and experiences engage with one another during the 6 intense 2.5 day blocks. Participants emerge with greater understanding, sensitivity, tolerance and insight into our complex national human landscape.