Ububele is an Nguni word meaning kindness.

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Ububele Trainings for 2016

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Ububele Introduction to Parent-Infant Psychotherapy

29 Jan - 18 Mar
Friday mornings only
09h00 to 12h30


Professional Mental Health Workers; Psychologists; Psychiatrists;
Social Workers

The course is an introduction to working with mothers, fathers and their infants. It examines the parent-infant relationship, attachment theory and infant development The course includes learning to observe interactions between mother and infant. It explores the earliest precursors of disordered attachment and provides an introduction to the process of intervention.


Working with the Parent/Caregiver Infant Relationship

  1. 19 Feb - 15 Mar (skip 25 Mar)
  2. 12 Aug - 30 Sept
  3. 7 Oct – 25 Nov

Friday mornings only
09h00 to 12h30
3 courses in the year



Teachers, caregivers, and health workers


This is a once-a-week, 8-week training course that provides teachers, caregivers and health workers with an introduction to working with mothers, fathers, caregivers and their infants. This course examines the parent-infant relationship and gives participants an understanding of attachment and infant development.  This is a new field, which focuses on the relationship between mother (or caregiver) and infant.  The course includes learning to observe interactions between mother (caregiver) and infant. It explores the beginnings of attachment difficulties and provides participants with ideas to guide their support of this early relationship.

  1. Jade


  1. Jade


  1. Nicki


Baby Mat Training

8 & 15 April
Friday mornings only
09h00 to 12h30


Ububele PIP/WPIR/WCIR (or equivalent)
training as a prerequisite. 

The Baby Mat training course will equip trained infant mental health care practitioners to provide a brief, once-off intervention to caregiver-infant dyads in a clinic (or similar) setting. The Baby Mat intervention is grounded in theory about the parent-infant relationship, mentalisation, attachment theory and infant development. It will cover dynamic administration and therapeutic techniques.
The course is presented by two members of the Ububele Baby Mat team.


Newborn Behavioural Observation System Training






Circle of Security – Parenting Training

12 - 15 January 2016
09h00 to 16h00


Psychologists, social workers, caregivers, counsellors, home visitors, family support workers, outreach workers, and anyone providing parenting education, support, or counselling to parents of young children

Ububele is offering a 4 day training course through Circle of Security International - an early intervention for parents and children. Over 4 days, this seminar trains professionals to use an eight chapter DVD to educate caregivers. The aim is to increase parents’ awareness of their children’s needs, and their responsiveness to these needs. The programme presents video examples of secure and problematic parent/child interaction in the zero to five age range, healthy options in caregiving, and animated graphics designed to clarify principles central to Circle of Security. Circle of Security – Parenting (COS-P) is grounded in attachment theory, object relations theory, family systems theory, and affective neuroscience.


Thinking about the Early Child

1) 17 Feb – 20 April
2) 4 May – 29 June
3) 20 July – 14/21 Sept
4) 5 Oct – 30 Nov
4 courses in the year


Nursery school teachers, parents and anyone working with young children, especially birth to 7 years old.

The course is structured in such a way that you learn through your own experience of the material. Ideas will be conveyed through experiential exercises, reflections of feelings and through asking of thought-provoking questions. Each learner, including you, has so much to bring to the training.


Persona Doll Training

1) 17 Feb – 20 April

2) 20 July – 14/21 Sept



1) PD Professionals & Interns
2) PD Nursery School Teachers

This training is also aimed at pre-school teachers, childcare workers, social workers, social auxiliary workers, students or anyone else working with young children.  

The Ububele Persona Doll Project is a unique and innovative approach aimed at encouraging communication and developing the emotional literacy of children in the early childhood sector.  The project was started in 2003 and has been running effectively and with very positive results since this time.  During this time, over 200 practitioners have trained in the Ububele Persona Doll project.  In addition, two educational psychologists have completed their Master’s research on the effectiveness of the Ububele Persona Dolls and both showed significant positive results. 

1)  & 2) Oscar

Working With Groups

Fridays – Sundays

12 – 14 Feb
8 – 10 April
27 – 29 May
29 – 31 July
16 – 18 September
28 – 30 October

* 80% attendance required


Mental health workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, social auxiliary workers, psychiatric nurses and occupational therapists. Industrial and commercial personnel e.g. managers, team leaders and HR practitioners. Those working for Non-profit organisations and/or Community-based Organisations or Government institutions. Educators – primary, secondary, life orientation, coaches, Department Heads, Principals. Faith based leaders – lay and ordained.

Learning about the psychology and emotional aspects of groups helps groups to fulfil their tasks and objectives. Training in group work is not easy to access in South Africa. It is an under-utilised and under-trained practice. Ububele’s Working With Groups Course has been run for the past 10 years by an experienced faculty that developed the Group Analysis course for the South African context, based on the Institute for Group Analysis (IGA), London which recognises the course. Ububele sees this training as an important contribution to building capacity in the mental health field and other sites and is especially relevant in under-resourced communities.