Ububele is an Nguni word meaning kindness.



Ububele’s training in mental health centres on preventative strategies for children under the age of seven, their parents and other caregivers. Ububele prepares, field-tests and offers training programmes which are informed by a blend of Western psychoanalytic thinking and African indigenous knowledge systems.

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An Introduction to Support Group Facilitation

This course is offered over an extended weekend, and is aimed at people who are planning to, or are already running, support groups in different settings.

The weekend is made up of varying sessions, all of which attempt to answer the question:  “What needs to be considered in starting small group work?”  The key focus is on establishing and running community support groups.

Learning occurs in a number of different kinds of groups, including seminars, discussions and workshops, all with an emphasis on experiential learning.  There are small group sessions and plenary sessions for all to reflect on the course experience.

In Work Discussion Groups participants explore groups they have run in the past, with the aim of thinking about future group possibilities. There are also sessions which combine theory with discussion, as well as space to work on putting ideas into practice.