Ububele is an Nguni word meaning kindness.



Ububele’s training in mental health centres on preventative strategies for children under the age of seven, their parents and other caregivers. Ububele prepares, field-tests and offers training programmes which are informed by a blend of Western psychoanalytic thinking and African indigenous knowledge systems.

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An Introduction to Parent-Infant Psychotherapy

This course, comprising eight 3.5 hour sessions, is aimed at those interested in, and intending to, work with mothers, (fathers) and infants.

Session 1: Beginnings
Session 2: Infant development and the earliest relationship – Part 1
Session 3: Infant development and the earliest relationship – Part 2
Session 4: Stages of Development
Session 5: Precursors of Disordered Attachment
Session 6: Process of Intervention – Part 1
Session 7: Process of Intervention – Part 2
Session 8: Endings