Ububele is an Nguni word meaning kindness.

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New Film a first for Ububele and Alexandra

“The first 1000 Days of Life, from conception to age two, is the most important time in a child’s life,” says Tony Hamburger, Executive Director of Ububele Educational & Psychotherapy Trust. “The bond between the baby and primary caregiver, which usually is the mother, is so important for the healthy development of every little person.” “Umdlezane – the First 1000 Days” was filmed entirely in Alexandra, Johannesburg and follows an Ububele home visitor into the home of a mother and her new born baby. This is a moving story about love and hope for our children and the future of South Africa. Umdlezane is an Nguni word for the period when the mother and newborn are protected by family members and allowed several months to bond. It is also the name of one of Ububele’s programmes - the Ububele Umdlezane Parent Infant Programme. Ububele began in 2000 and offers a variety of training courses and therapeutic interventions for caregivers and children under 7 years old. The film was produced by Bloom & Stone and was made possible by funding from the DG Murray Trust and the Bertha Foundation.

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“..the first three years of life are key to shaping the brain and much of a child’s destiny” Financial Times article by Simon Kuper:. Three is the magic number.

The DG Murray Trust is generously supporting our ‘Thinking about the Early Child’ training programme. Read their learning brief about the programme.

The single best investment we can make in our future - an article by Allister Sparks


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