Ububele is an Nguni word meaning kindness.

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  • Innovative training for Pre-school staff : Gladys Langa, Julia Green & Evelyn Dubazana from the Ububele Pre-school loved the Reggio Emilia training held at St Mary's School in Joburg from 24-26 June.  They learned lots of innovative ways to ensure the child is central to the learning experience. Read more...

    Ububele on the world stage: Ububele impressed delegates at the recent World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH) congress held in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Read more...

    Dischem donates blankets: The 65 children at the Ububele Pre-school, who are mostly from nearby Alexandra, were delighted to receive beautiful cosy blankets this winter from the Dis-Chem Foundation, one of Ububele’s partners. This is the third year that the Dis-Chem Foundation has provided integral support towards the running of the pre-school with generous monthly donations. The pre-school is a model for a holistic, integrated approach to early childhood development (ECD) in which psychosocial support for children and parents is an integral element. Students of psychology, social work and ECD visit the pre-school as a training site. The pre-school is part of the Ububele Educational & Psychotherapy Trust, an organisation offering training courses and therapeutic interventions for the mental health needs of parents, caregivers and children in need.


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