Ububele is an Nguni word meaning kindness.

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How to donate

Giving Options

Ububele’s success depends on the generosity of many individuals and organisations who donate in a variety of ways to either the organisation as a whole or specific programmes or needs

o Monthly Donation / Debit Order: this is a wonderful way to “give little and often” which is convenient for you and really helps us with our monthly costs. Please consider giving R250, R500 or R1000 per month.

o Donation to celebrate or remember: Some of our donors generously ask friends to give to Ububele in lieu of birthday gifts, or in memory of a loved one. Some friends of Ububele even donate their lecture honoraria. Any donation is much appreciated. (pic 1485 Judy Morgan Library)

o Donations in kind: You or your company may prefer to pay for a needed service or donate equipment, vehicles or supplies to assist in the running of the organisation. It is always best to discuss this first with us so that your gift matches our needs. You are entitled to a tax certificate for the donation provided we have an invoice or valuation where appropriate. (pic 018 sml blankets)

o Supporting items on a wish list: You may like to fund a specific cost including the following needs:

R1000 to fund a set of play therapy sessions for 1 child

R3 300 to fund 1 psychological assessment

R8000 to fund training for one month for 3 ECD practitioners and 3 ECD assistants

R8 500 to fund the cost of 1 child at the Ububele Pre-school for 1 year

R88 000 to fund training for the Pre-school staff for one year Funding a salaried post in the organisation that is related to your interest e.g. Early Childhood Development (ECD)Practitioner, Educational Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Counselling Psychologist, Accountant, Bookkeeper, Receptionist, Driver.

o Donation to support a particular programme: You or your organisation may like to fund one of our programmes for one to three years. We would be happy to meet and discuss a proposal that suits your interests and budget.

o Major Gifts: A major gift is a large donation of over R250 000 in one financial year and is recognised appropriately, for example with a logo on our website, a plaque or named spaces. If your company has unallocated funds in its Corporate Social Investment before the end of February, this is a way to improve many lives while receiving a tax benefit.

o Leaving a Legacy: Naturally a bequest or will is to look after your spouse or children when you are no longer with us. Once they are taken care of, remembering Ububele in your will is a wonderful way to ensure your gift keeps giving for the next generation. Please speak to your lawyer or financial advisor. The next time you update your will, consider earmarking for Ububele a fixed amount or percentage of your estate or percentage of the residue of your estate. In many cases such a gift reduces the amount of estate duty and Capital Gains Tax payable on your death. You may also consider bequeathing a life insurance policy, shares, property, furniture, equipment or books.

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