Ububele's training in mental health centres on preventative strategies for children under the age of seven, their parents and other caregivers. Ububele prepares, field-tests and offers training programmes which are informed by a blend of Western psychoanalytic thinking and African indigenous knowledge systems.

Courses offered in 2018 include:

An Introduction to Parent-Infant Psychotherapy

The Introduction to Parent-Infant Psychotherapy Course runs over 8 weeks.  Each Friday there is a session from 9.00 to 12.30.
The first course of the year will be run on:
26 January
2,9,16,23 February
2,9,16 March

For more information contact Nicki Dawson - email 

Thinking about the Early Child

Additional information here

Developing the Emotional Literacy of Children using the Persona Doll

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Working with the Caregiver-Infant Relationship

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Baby Mat

This is a Baby Mat practitioner training course open to anyone who has completed the Introduction to Parent-Infant Psychotherapy or the Working with the Caregiver-Infant Relationship course.  It takes the form of two 3.5 hour sessions.

For more information contact Nicki Dawson - email 

Working with Groups – courses in experiential group work

Working with Groups is a two year course. It takes the form of  6 weekend blocks which run from 11 am on Friday to midday on Sunday.  The second year also involves running a group between blocks with regular supervision.
The dates of each block in 2018 are:
26-28 January
9-11 March
4-6 May
22-24 June
17-19 August 
12-14 October 

For more information contact Oscarina Majokweni - email

Course Follow-up Workshops

People who have completed any of our courses can attend follow up workshops at regular intervals.
The first workshops this year are on the following dates:
2 February
2 March
6 April

For more information on these courses email